Cable TV Revolution – Part 02: The Explanation

Sep 27

Cable TV Revolution – Part 02: The Explanation

The “no cable” thing has been working out great for me and Ang. I’d honestly say I watch MORE TV now that I don’t have a cable service than when I did. Having my TV strictly run Boxee actually gives me more access to more shows that I have an interest for than cable service did.

I wanted to create a way for me to remember how I have all this set up in the future, so I put together a flowchart. I also went back and added descriptions for everything. Following the flowchart is the simplest way to follow whats going on with the whole process.

Please right click, and open the image/link in a new window or tab to view it full size.

There’s not much more for me to say in terms of explaining how it works, just follow the flowchart, it has all the information needed.


  1. The flowchart is way too tiny to read.

  2. rockatuie /

    would you ever be up for a video tutorial on this because it looks amazing… but i have no idea how to do something like this, once you hit eventghost im completely lost lol

    • It took me a few WEEKS of playing with TED to get it to work right, and a few days of playing with EventGhost to figure everything with that out. I’d be more than happy to provide the batch scrips that I use for EventGhost, and I could possibly do a video tutorial for the EventGhost part of it if you still need help. Let me know and I can work something out!

    • The flowchart is actually now fixed with a new lightbox version I have up.

      • rockatuie /

        nice! way easier to read… sill stumped and amazed on this system… what OS are you running?

        • Running Windows 7 for this, most of the features of this are available on OS X though, or even Linux, as TED, the torrent episode downloader is just a java .jar file which is cross platform. And Boxee runs on any platform.

      • What a pleasure to find someone who idetinfies the issues so clearly


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