Cable TV Revolution – Part 03: The Missing Pieces

Oct 11

Cable TV Revolution – Part 03: The Missing Pieces

Something I can’t say that I miss is commercials… Any really well-done commercials that are worthwhile always end up being talked about and posted to Facebook or something similar and I’ll see them eventually, so that isn’t a worry at all.

Don’t get me wrong, when watching freely available content from one of the me many media sources in Boxee, I still get commercials, usually one 30 second commercial before the program starts and three to four 15 second commercials during the show depending on its length.

Most of the internet-based commercials are kind of drab and uninspiring, probably because the content partners don’t think they’ll reach as large numbers as conventional TV ads do, but since they’re so short it’s really a non-issue.

Something I’m not quite sure I understand is why I’ve been paying $90 a month for cable TV service, yet it’s still littered with 3-minute long commercial breaks all the time… If you’re paying for the service, shouldn’t it be ad-free, or at least very minimal and unobtrusive advertising? Hell, maybe it’s just the internet junkie in me, but I’m used to the fact that if you PAY for a service, it is free from advertising. I can’t believe SO many people still get into this contractual agreement for cable service when almost everything is freely available online with shorter commercial breaks? HD service I can understand, but more and more content partners are offering 1080p streams of content online with the same short, drab commercial break scenarios.

Again though, any worthwhile commercials like the one below will find their way to my Boxee setup in my social feed and I’ll see them anyhow.

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