DynDNS: Behind the Glossy Exterior

Oct 14

DynDNS: Behind the Glossy Exterior

Well I never thought this would happen, let alone so quickly on this blog. My 5th post on the site got some nice attention from the community manager at Dyn, Inc. Chris Widner is a community manager for DynDNS, and noticed my blog post because it showed up quickly on Google Alerts and he took the time to read it and actually comment on it. At first glance, I was worried, because I was sharing how I was able to sidestep one of their premium services and achieve a similar result without paying for their services.

However, I researched who he was, and got in contact with him. He informed me that he has no issue with me keeping the previous post up, and he was kind enough to put a voucher in my DynDNS account so I can try out the custom DNS features they offer!

I really look forward to spending the next year with their custom DNS service, and I’ll likely use it extensively this weekend or next and let you know how their service compares with what I currently have set up.

It’s really great to see a company reach out like this to a customer, especially a customer who is not paying for their premium services, and has no problem with the services. Its a great thing to see a company do, and I really appreciate it.

Here’s a huge thank you to the entire time at Dyn, Inc. and especially to Chris Widner!

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