AirPrint on Windows Hosts

Dec 01

AirPrint on Windows Hosts

When Apple announced AirPrint, they said it would work with any shared printer, but right before it’s release, it killed that off. Apple now claims it only supports OS X machines with select HP printers.

Of course there’s unoffical workarounds to get it working with any printer, and also on a Windows host OS as well. It wasn’t that straight-forward until now. It’s really just a simple installer package that creates the service, sets the firewall rules, and starts the service.

Before this installer, the original method was download zip files, using the command line to create a Windows service, make it dependent on the Bonjour service, and start it, but it was still giving a lot of people issues, as you needed to allow it through the firewall the proper way.

TadGhostal has release his installer:

Just give that a download, and it will do everything required. If you’re still having issues after this, and/or don’t want to always authenticate yourself in order to print, try turning on the guest account, and rebooting.

If you notice a “Print Center” app in your task switcher, it’s your print queue, the badge is the current number of print jobs in the queue.

It would look like this.

And if you actually launch it (it wont stay there if there’s no items in the queue) you’ll actually get a detailed readout of your printjob.

This little trick is sure to come in handy for those wanting to print from iOS devices to unsupported printers, and especially on Windows hosts, enjoy.

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