40 Days: 20 Pounds

Feb 09

40 Days: 20 Pounds

On January 1st, 2011 I decided to change my eating habits. Well, it’s now 40 days later, and I’ve lost an astonishing 20 pounds!

Keeping this short and to the point, I’ve accomplished this simply by changing my eating habits, ALWAYS making the healthier choice when the options are provided. Dining out has been a challenge, but it’s something I feel like I could do fairly regularly and still succeed, as long as I have the willpower to make the healthier choice, which I do.

It’s been rough for me at times though, especially without being able to eat chicken (allergy)… since it’s generally included in the “healthy options” dishes everywhere.

I’ve also cut out pop, I still drink diet pop from time to time, but I feel that getting rid of the regular pop/soda has had a HUGE impact. I try to stay away from pop in general, diet or not, and go for something like iced tea instead.

I’m counting my calories with Lose It!, it’s an amazing site with tons of awesome features, I can’t speak highly enough about it. If you’re in need of something to help you stay on track, sign up for free, and find me on there to add me as a friend, look me up by email, and if you need my email just ask, or post yours and I’ll send the request.


  1. Keith Audet /

    Nice going, I know that you will reach your goal!

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