The Rise and Fall of Spotify

May 02

The Rise and Fall of Spotify

Spotify is a UK based music streaming service which is only available in a few countries right now, primarily the United Kingdom. I was able to score myself and a few close friends invites to the service when it was in its infancy and locked to the United Kingdom. With the magic of IP spoofing and HTTPS proxy services we were able to get connected and streaming music even though we lived in the United States.

Spotify was my saving grace for music up until yesterday, when the service imposed new limits. Previously a Spotify Free account had unlimited streaming access which was supported by occasional commercials. As of yesterday it’s now limited to ten hours a month, and you are unable to listen to the same song more than five times. Even Pandora radio offers twenty hours a month for free. Sadly this seems like it’s going to be the decline of Spotify, and perhaps the rise of Grooveshark.

Many of the tech blogs have been positively buzzing about the service and its upcoming US launch, but with these new restrictions its doubtful it will ever catch on.


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