Lose It! Before & After

May 03

Lose It! Before & After

I started my weight loss journey on January 01, 2011. I’m sure many others did too. I know weight loss sites and tools see a huge influx of users on that day, and many of them quit within the first month. I’m different. I was determined to make this work!

I stuck with it, and it’s been a full FOUR months that I’ve been logging my food with Lose It! It took a huge amount of willpower and dedication, but the results are quite clear, as you’ll see below.

I never really planned on doing the whole dramatic “before and after” photos, but the photos speak for themselves! All the photos to follow are candid shots and were never meant to showcase weight loss, but they absolutely do! These are pictures from Christmas 2010 (right before I started) and on the last day of April 2011, a full four months after I started using Lose It!, which also happened to be the day my wonderful fiancé graduated from Oakland University, Cum Laude! Congratulations!

Before (December 25th, 2010)

After (April 30th, 2010)


Again, the results really do speak for themselves. I originally started the year off at 205.5 pounds, and as of writing this, I’m at 173.0 pounds! Not a HUGE amount of weight lost, I know there’s insane success stories out there, but this is mine. I used Lose It! to do nothing but count calories and watch what I’m eating. This method might not work and be successful for every individual, but it did wonders for me.

I’m not totally done yet, nor will I ever be. I’d like to achieve a weight of 170 pounds even, and then still continue to use Lose It! to maintain my weight and ensure I’m still eating healthier options, most of  the time at least! After all, it’s become habit to me to log my foods. I haven’t missed a day or meal since I started on the first of the year!


  1. Tiffany /

    Wow awesome results and within just a short time! Congrats for both you and Ang n keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Found this through LoseIt forum, but your story is so motivating & inspiring! 4 months and you look awesome!

  3. I am so proud of you, hope I can lose all of mine before Ang and your big day!!!

    • Thanks Mom! Me and Ang are still going strong with it, our photo shoot is coming up in two months, hopefully we can take a bit more off by then!

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