Lose It! Desktop Application v1.0 (Initial Release)

Aug 05

Lose It! Desktop Application v1.0 (Initial Release)

This is something that I’ve wanted to release for quite a while, but I was always unsure about the strangeness of packaging something like this in an installer, but I had a bit of free time today, and decided to actually put my mind to it and figure it out finally.

The result is a Lose It! desktop application!

This is my initial release, but please leave any bugs and feedback in the comments below, as I’ll receive email notifications of comments and I’ll do my best to address each and every issue and comment.


  • Each user on the PC can have a separate Lose It! login.
  • Remembers passwords.
  • Automatically logs in to the forums.
  • Automatically updates with the Lose It! website.
  • Includes an uninstaller.

Known Issues

  • Quite large, at just under 30MB
  • Facebook and Twitter authentication popups are in your default browser.
  • No password-protection option unless you log out each time.
  • Windows only, but it will probably stay this way… sorry.
  • Pinning to the Windows 7 bar while running causes issues on next launch, you MUST drag the desktop or start menu shortcuts to the Windows 7 bar instead.

Click the screenshot above for a more detailed view of the app, but as you can see, it’s really just the website packaged up as an executable to run. In mine (and surely many others) it beats having to open a browser just to log your food.

I suppose we should get right to the download? Just click the link below to start your download! (File updated for version 1.2.)



  1. Kathleen /

    Is there a scan barcode feature for this app in the near future?

    • Barcode scanning isn’t really something we can integrate into a desktop application. However if the Lose It! website somehow updates to add that function, this app will auto-update as well.

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