Diablo 3 Gem Auto Clicker

Sep 21

Diablo 3 Gem Auto Clicker

There’s been some recent code changes to the chat gem on the Diablo 3 website. Some of the code (listed below) points to the fact that you may be able to obtain a beta invite by clicking it.

The code seems to still be commented out, but this could change at ANY moment now that the public beta invites are being sent out!

Take a look at the code and you’ll see, that it wants to send you a beta invite, or give you a signup link to get a beta license on your account or something similar. Once this code is commented out, we could see some awesome results from users clicking it!

     * Toggle the chat gem!
    activateGem: function() {
        if (Core.isCallback(D3.gemCallback))
        // Sockets for the win!
        var socket = new WebSocket(BetaSignup.signupUrl);
        socket.onopen = function() {
            socket.send(BetaSignup.accountId + '=' + Cookie.read('d3.chatGem'));
        // Close the socket once beta signup has been sent
        socket.onmessage = function() {

I took a quick few minutes to write up and compile a program that will keep auto-clicking the gem for you. I haven’t tested to see if this gets us anything (because of the commented code…) but I don’t want to hoard this creation. I want to share it with you guys, specifically the Diablo: IncGamers crew!

Click the image below to begin the (very quick) download!

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