Guide: Fix Corsair H100i Not Detected in Corsair Link (Windows 8.1)

Nov 09

Guide: Fix Corsair H100i Not Detected in Corsair Link (Windows 8.1)

This is a bit of an odd one to write, and honestly it’s just for myself to remember if I ever wipe/reload this new system I just put together.

I did notice during my build that my Corsair H100i and AX1200i cooler/PSU were not being recognized at all in the Corsair Link application. After verifying the header was properly attached to the motherboard, I started poking around in Device Manager, trying to figure out which device it was. I found that two different devices will show up in Device Manager when the H100i is properly detected, and they both have the Hardware ID of ‘HID\VID_1B1C&PID_0C04&REV_0200‘. This is the key in fixing things.

Windows 8.1 employs an “enhanced power management” feature, which I remember from a while back with Microsoft Knowledge Base article. After some quick research it apperas that Windows 8.1 was trying to suspend/ignore the H100i since no software was accessing it.

A quick fix to this can be done in the registry.

  1. Hold Win and tap R.
  2. In the Run window, type in regedit.exe
  3. Browse to
    • CurrentControlSet
    • Enum
    • USB
    • VID_1B1C&PID_0C04
    • ###### (This will be random on each install)
      • You should only have one 1B1C item in Device Manager, if you have more than one, go through Device Manager and find which instance correlates to the H100i.
    • Device Paramters
  4. Change the following values to 0
    • AllowIdleIrpInD3
    • DeviceSelectiveSuspended
    • EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled
    • SelectiveSuspendEndabled
  5. Reboot
  6. Install/Launch Corsair Link.
  7. You should be almost immediately greeted by a firmware update (if your H100i is new out of box).
  8. Update if applicable
  9. Verify you can see your H100i and AXi (if present) in Corsiar Link

Hope this helps someone else searching.


  1. Excellent! Got it to work! Thanks :):)

  2. Dean Malenko /

    I know that the 1200AXi/H100i mix isn’t that huge in the world. Shoot, my H100i is only in place while the rest of my custom cooling gets in. But this is the answer and if you have this problem (which you probably will if you have both devices) this is how you quickly solve it. In fact, I had my H100i being recognized before I could even reboot. It also upgraded the firmware before I rebooted (I had Link running with the 1200AXi for a couple days before I decided to get the H100i). I chose to do the upgrade, which I regretted in my mind for a second right after I said OK, but it turned out fine. Then the reboot and Link now sees the 1200, the H100 and the rest of my system and fans like it always should have. Thanks Corey!

  3. Hi mine is not working well .

    -Rampage 4 Formula(latest CAP bios)
    -I7 3930K @ 4Ghz/1.35v
    -Dominator GT 2133Mhz 16GB 9-11-10-27-T2 1.5V(bios set to 1.520v to be allways at 1.503-1.520)
    -GTX770 4GB Gainward flashed with EVGA GTX770/4GB bios
    -SSD OCZ Ve. 120Gb
    -HDD WD 1 T
    -Win 7 U 64bit

    H100i HATE THIS SHIT! Have it from 2013 and till now never get it to work fine .
    First ignored my saved profile , and worked only on H100i Temp after I updated to the last version 2.7.5361 now my H100i temp is( 0 ) my CPU Temp is 0 blinking red then after some time like 10 to 15 sec. it show up then starts all over again. It finaly save and use my profile but not geting temps right.

    Now I tried uninstalling deleting all folders even hidden then tried changing usb on MB and even deleted registry key’s rebooting and all the possible thing , but 0 result this shit is not working !!!
    In my registry the keys to set to 0 are only 3


    others have 4 or 5 why I got only 3 ? and mine gets installed stock set to 0 .

    Sooooo now wath ? hope Corsair is ready to refound 1 year and still no solution , btw why I payed 100€ and have to do all the work ? From wath I know selling malfunctioning stuff is NOT legal !

  4. This fixed my issue, too. Corey, you’re a legend!

  5. I can’t access the device parameter it said : “properties cannot be opened. an error is preventing this from being opened. detail access is denied.”

    how do i fix that?

  6. thanks for sharing but it didn’t work for me. running asrock x99m, intel 5820K, h100i. i’ve read this is common for amd cpu but i’m running intel. any other ideas?

  7. Thank you!

  8. just to give an update on my situation, i contacted corsair. they told me to use an older version of corsair link and it looks like it’s working in terms of temps and fan speed. the LED custom color works as well but the color is not accurate. for instance, i’d like it to be red. the software displays red but the LED is more maroon. i’ve given up and will probably no longer buy corsair water cooling.

  9. Dude you are the best let me ask you this. I had 2 instances of the 1b1c (04 and 06). I have the h100i and changed the parameters in 1b1cxxx04 and got the cooler to work. I also just got the hx850i psu do I have to do the same thing to get the psu to work but in the 1b1cxxx06 instance? Crazy question I know but you just helped me after 4 hours of searching!

    • Hey dude, sorry — I have an H100i and a AX1500i PSU as well. I did *not* have to change anything on the PSU side to get it to work, so I don’t recall changing the 1b1cxxx06 instance myself, but I may have on accident as I was trying SO many different things at first to get the H100i working properly!

  10. Scott /

    VID_1B1C&PID_0C04 is not present for me once USB is selected. The unit is brand new. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  11. flaxenmoose /

    Thanks mate, great instructions! all working now, this was causing all kinds of frustration!

    Like you said you’d think this would be more comprehensive from the box:(

  12. Alex /

    Great workaround thank u very much for ur help

  13. Marius /

    i don’t have VID_1B1C&PID_0C04 in Enum > USB :/

  14. ruudik /

    Thanks, worked for my H80i!

  15. Collin /

    Thank you very much, this fixed my issue!

  16. Leandro /

    Eu ja estava sem esperança. Lhe agradeço muito!

  17. panos /

    thanks, my h100i working just fine. problem solved

    • I didn’t see “VID_1B1C&PID_0C04” and Tried to installed CL Old version and Latest version.
      Corsair Link doesn’t recognize Corsair Cooler and Corsair Fan
      I used 3 of Corsair
      Cooler – Corsair H100 GTX
      PSU – Corsair Gold AX850
      FAN Case – Corsair AF140mm
      OS – Win8.1 Pro 64bit
      Mainboard – Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z97
      CPU – i7 4970
      Any idea?
      PS.Sorry about my Eng,I’m Thai

  18. John /

    You’re a champion! This worked for me.

  19. Thank you so very, very much !!!
    I had to re-install Windows 10 and after I did this, the H100i was no longer been detected, which is very strange.
    Your solution worked perfectly.
    I wish I could buy you a beer 🙂


  20. Thanks for this guide, it would appear this is still required in Windows 10, worked perfectly.

  21. Thanks a lot !

    No more problem with my H100i on Windows 10 full updated 2016/01/03

    Corsair Link can detect my H100i !!
    And i do not have any more pop up saying Corsair link have detected a new material !


    Happy New Years !

  22. dont work my fans r spinning lights lit up just not showing up in link tryed this no go

  23. Andrew /

    VID_1B1C&PID_0C04 is not present for me once USB is selected

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