Login to Comcast Xfinity on Unsupported Android TV Apps

Dec 27

Login to Comcast Xfinity on Unsupported Android TV Apps

I received a NVIDIA Shield TV for Christmas this year and wanted to use an Xfinity login to watch live TV on a few apps, namely Food Network, Travel Channel, and HGTV, however these apps only allow you to log in with Comcast/Xfinity on a phone device, but not an Android TV device. While you could simply use the built-in Chromecast to cast live TV, I still wanted the live TV to be available for someone else who might end up using the Shield TV that does not have those apps and login details on their phone.

I ended up stumbling across activation URLs for these three channels, and all you need to do in order to get them to work is to bring up the activation code on each one of the apps, and then copy/paste this URL into your browser either on your phone or your computer, and change the XXXXXXX portion to your acitvation code it is giving you on your Android TV box.

Best method is to right click the link and choose to copy the link target or address to your clipboard, and then paste it into a new tab, and before going to it modify the XXXXXXXX portion near the beginning.

Food NetworkCopy This Link

Travel ChannelCopy This Link

HGTVCopy This Link

Note that each time your device reboots (sleeping the device is fine, and doesn’t affect anything) then you will likely need to redo this process.

I also found some other links for activations that don’t have corresponding apps yet on Android TV, but may work for Apple TV, FireTV devices, or Xbox, etc. where applicable. You may need to look closely at the URL and make the right changes where it calls out a device by name.

ABC – Link
A&E – Link
AMC – Link
Cooking Channel – Link
DIY – Link
FYI – Link
History – Link
Lifetime – Link

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